3 Favorite Sustainable Swaps

Swoofe Staff

There are many great sustainable options out on the market these days. From kitchen to bathroom, alternatives for your entire home are abundant and Swoofe wants to help you discover them.

Sustainability is limitless and stretches across all parts of our everyday lives. We hope to empower you to make eco-friendly choices and be the impact.

Here are three of our favorite sustainable swaps.

1. Reusable Lunch Containers: Opt for reusable containers, it reduces single-use plastic baggies being tossed into our environment. We love these brands that offer some amazing lunch box options. 

  • PlanetBox
  • LunchBots
  • Sugarbooger

2. Reusable Straws: Swap out those disposable plastic straws with reusable straws. These favorite shops have all sorts from bamboo, metal to glass straws! 

  • Raine Reusables
  • Hali Hali

3. Reusable Grocery Bags: One of the easiest and cost-effective swaps is to use reusable bags for your produce, general shopping, and catch-all bag.  Pro-tip: Keep reusable bags handy in your car, in your backpack, and near your door so you are never without one! 

  • Colony Co.
  • Eco Bags
  • Apolis


Tell us what was your first sustainable swap made on your low waste journey! 

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