How do Swoofe Beeswax Wraps work?

Our wraps work by simply warming them up with the pressure of your hands once wrapped. Easily wrap them around fruit, produce, bowls, sandwiches, cheese, snacks, cooked meat and any perishable foods. The wrap sticks to themselves and provide a clean & safe protective yet breathable seal. The wrap will cool and cure itself almost instantly.

What are Swoofe wraps made out of?

Our reusable food wraps are made of 100% premium GOTS certified organic cotton, all natural beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. All of our wraps are food grade approved and certified by the FDA + LFGB to ensure you're getting the highest quality product available!

Are Swoofe Beeswax Wraps really reusable?

Yes! 💯♻️ Just rinse with cold water after each use
(alcohol-free soap is optional), hang dry them and they are ready for use again. It's that simple!

How do the wraps cling to things?

Each wrap feels tacky right out of the package, this is normal. Each wrap is naturally coated with tree resin to give it the tackiness needed to cling to things such as bowls and itself. Over the course of many uses, the tackiness will begin to fade. Simply crumple up the wraps into a tight ball to reactivate the maximum tackiness. 

How long does each wrap last for?

On average, each sheet gets 125 - 150 uses. If properly taken care of, some folks have gotten up to 1 year of use, especially when used to cover bowls. Others that use it intensely on a daily basis get around 5 - 6 months of use.

How many wraps are in each pack & what sizes do I get?

What you get in our 4-PACK of wraps:

1 Small (7"x8”)
Great for sliced veggies, avocados, nuts, trail mix, fruit,
small bowls & jar toppers

2 Medium (10"x11”)
Great for cheese, half a sandwich, baked goods, larger fruits &
veggies (half cabbage), medium bowls

1 Large (13"x14”)
Great for sandwiches, cheese, pizza slices, large bowl or
dish, large melons, grapes, longer veggies

What you get in our 7-PACK of wraps:

2 Jar Size (4”x4”)
Cover mason jars & use as other small lids

2 Small (7"x8”)
Great for cheese, avocado, sliced veggies,
fruits, lemons, seals for bowls

2 Medium (10"x11”)
Half a sandwich, medium sized bowls, larger fruits,
hiking snacks such as nuts & trailmix

1 Large (13"x14”)
For larger sandwiches, bread, pizza slices, larger
fruit & melons, larger bowls, containers & jars

Are there any certain things to avoid with these wraps?

Avoid all sources of heat, including hot water & microwaves to not damage the wraps (rinse with cold water only). Also, avoid using with uncooked meat of any kind and long term freezer use (more than 1 month)

How are the wraps good for our environment?

Compared to plastic saran & cling wrap, our beeswax wraps are completely plastic-free, non-toxic, compostable & biodegradable  ❤️🌎

Natural ingredients keep nasties from leaching into your food while being stored.
Tree Resin gives our wraps a natural adhesive making sure your food is sealed tight! 

What about germs or food contamination?

Beeswax + Jojoba Oil do contain natural antibacterial & anti fungal properties that help keep bacteria and germs at bay. You're also able to use some mild soap to gently rinse clean the wraps after use. That being said, we understand that germs do exist everywhere and therefore can't guarantee that everything will be in the clear. 

How is the beeswax sourced?

We source only from traditional bee farmers/keepers who obtain what is needed if it's an excess byproduct of the honey that is ethically sourced; meaning there is always more than enough for the bees. Happy Bees 🐝 = Happy Honey 🍯 = Ethical Beeswax 🌎